EduLab, Inc. bring forward
the Next-Generation of Education

  • EduLab, Inc. bring forward
    the Next-Generation of Education

What We Do

Learning Science IT Solutions & Platforms in Education Business Development & Investment in the field of Edtech Supporting School Management & the Next Generation of Education
  • Build new businesses and investments in the field of EdTech
  • Provide IT solutions and platforms for the education industry
  • Support next generation education and school management systems

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Companies EduLab invests in

EduLab supports Edtech start-ups around the world.
The main companies we invest in are shown to the rightbelow.

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  • LearnLaunch
  • Listenwise
  • MIGO
  • Code Monkey


With offices in Tokyo, Seattle, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangalore, and Pune -- EduLab Group is a global platform.

EduLab, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
The Japan Institute for Educational Measurement, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
Edutech Lab, Inc.
Bellevue, USA
Edutech Lab AP Limited
Hong Kong, China
Edutech Lab AP Private Limited

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