1. e-Testing/e-Learning businesses

e-Testing/e-Learning businesses

Our research focuses on developing technologies for measuring academic abilities and tools for education. We specifically focus on language education and provide examination and learning services such as “Einavi - Study Gear,” “Eiken Jr.,” “TEAP CBT,” and “CASEC.”

  • Einavi - Study Gear

    Einavi - Study Gear is an online service that helps Eiken examinees and other English learners. In collaboration with the Eiken Foundation of Japan, we provide an online application platform for Eiken applicants as well as “Study Gear for EIKEN,” an online service for learning English. In September, 2018, we launched a multi-subject platform under the same “Study Gear” brand that provides video learning apps for non-English subjects.

    Study Gear for EIKEN

    “Study Gear for EIKEN”

    “Study Gear for EIKEN” is an official Eiken English learning service that supports Eiken Grades 2-5. It covers the basis of English all the way to Eiken-specific materials, helping Eiken examinees achieve their goals.

    Video learning app “Study Gear”

    Video learning app “Study Gear”

    “Study Gear” is a video learning app for smartphones, designed for elementary and junior high school students as well as their parents. It features original animated videos that place importance on intuitive learning and covers all five primary subjects. Its purpose is to prevent small misunderstandings that students tend to make in their daily studies.

  • Eiken Jr.

    Eiken Jr. is an English education and examination program that we conduct and operate as a subcontractor, provided by the Eiken Foundation of Japan for preschool and elementary school children. We have been offering this service since 1994 with the aim of assessing and investigating children’s English abilities and helping them become familiar with English and understand foreign cultures.


    “Eiken Jr.”

    “Eiken Jr.” is a set of learning materials for children, developed in collaboration with the Eiken Foundation of Japan. It features tests and audio materials, allowing children to have fun while “learning English and testing their English skills.” It is widely used in schools and cram schools.

  • TEAP CBT(Test of English for Academic Purposes)

    TEAP CBT is an English proficiency test, jointly developed by Jochi University and the Eiken Foundation of Japan, and we operate this test as a subcontractor. It is carefully designed to measure “English skills necessary in university education settings” in Japan, with all the questions intended to recreate situations that students may encounter in university education (including while studying overseas). It is adopted by Jochi University and other private universities as their entrance examination.


    “TEAP CBT”

    “TEAP CBT” is a test designed to measure the four skills of English (“reading,” “writing,” “listening,” and “speaking”). It consists of three parts, which are the Reading/Listening Test, the Writing Test, and the Speaking Test. Examinees are able to take this test in a manner that meets the requirement of the university that they are applying to.

  • CASEC(Computerized Assessment System for English Communication)

    CASEC is a collection of computerized English proficiency tests and other materials that we developed in collaboration with the Eiken Foundation of Japan. It is provided to organizations such as enterprises and schools as well as individuals, helping users improve their English skills in various ways.



    “CASEC” is the first test in the world to utilize IRT (Item Response Theory) and CAT (Computer-adaptive Testing) technologies. It automatically checks examinees’ answers and their responses to the questions to change the level of the next question. It makes it possible to measure their skills much more quickly and accurately in comparison with traditional written tests.



    “CASEC SPEAKING” is a test for measuring English communication skills, designed to be beginner- and intermediate-learner-friendly and to measure their speaking skills in detail. This test is not too challenging and does not take much time to take, allowing learners to take it repeatedly. Its purpose is to allow learners including beginners to stay motivated to keep learning.

  • Provision of examination systems

    In addition to the above, we provide the Eiken Grades 4-5 speaking test provision service and the Eiken group application support system. Also, we sell our services and technologies overseas and operate local agency businesses for materials and services provided by foreign enterprises that we invest in.

    Eiken Grades 4-5 speaking test provision service

    Eiken Grades 4-5 speaking test provision service

    We provide the Eiken Foundation of Japan with a speaking test module that measures the English speaking skills of Eiken Grade 4-5 examinees.

    Eiken group application support system provision service

    Eiken group application support system provision service

    This is a service that provides Eiken group applicants (primarily schools) and examinees with support regarding online application and payment methods as well as feedback for examinees and teachers.

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