1. EduLab Establishes New Base in Dublin to Facilitate Development of AI-based Technologies 

EduLab Establishes New Base in Dublin to Facilitate Development of AI-based Technologies 

EduLab Establishes New Base in Dublin to Facilitate Development of AI-based Technologies 

February 27, 2020
EduLab, Inc.

EduLab, Inc. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Junichi Takamura; hereinafter referred to as “EduLab”) has established a new base in Dublin, Ireland to recruit personnel and advance operations in conjunction with the development of AI-based technologies. The new facility has commenced operation on a full-scale basis.

Background of the initiative

Due to the recent rapid progress in artificial intelligence, the need for the recruitment of AI developers is growing among companies worldwide, intensifying competition for the acquisition of talented personnel. Against this backdrop, engineers with advanced knowledge and experience have started to relocate to Ireland because the country has many educational institutions for IT technologies, including Trinity College of Dublin University, and is in the process of developing/inviting personnel with advanced technological skills as a national strategy. Recently, the country has been gaining attention from many global companies due to its usefulness as a base for acquiring promising employees and conducting research and development.

Summary of the initiative

EduLab has been engaged in the development and provision of the DEEP READ AI-OCR service, natural language processing technologies and AI-controlled CAERA recommendation engine mainly in its facility in Boston, the United States. Using these technologies, EduLab has been improving the efficiency of paper marking operations in large-scale examinations and has been offering a range of services, including adaptive learning that provides learning opportunities, and adaptive testing, which measures the ability to meet the needs of each learner. In addition, without being bound by the scope of the educational business, it has been striving to increase productivity in the financial and logistics industries. In September 2019, EduLab formed a capital and business alliance with Ephesoft, Inc., a U.S.-based company, and through this initiative, it has been working on the full-scale overseas development of AI-based solutions.


To advance the research and development of such AI-based technologies and provide services in broader business areas, EduLab has recently established a new development facility in Dublin. It will use the Irish facility to proceed with the research and development of AI-based technologies and facilitate business activities aimed at expansion into the European market.


In addition, EduLab has been working on the research and commercialization of an AI-based automatic question-creating system (automatic item generation). Such efforts require knowledge about natural language processing, in addition to the ability to leverage image and character recognition. EduLab will therefore accelerate its recruitment efforts of highly skilled engineers through this facility in Ireland.


(*) AI-OCR: Technology that immediately converts characters written on paper, including handwriting, into text using AI technologies.

About EduLab, Inc.

EduLab develops and invests in new businesses in education technology (EdTech), provides education-oriented IT solutions and platforms, supports next-generation education, and offers school management services. Through initiatives based on the latest learning science, it offers novel solutions for education. It promotes businesses through facilities located in Tokyo, Seattle, Boston, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangalore and Pune, among other cities.


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  1. EduLab Establishes New Base in Dublin to Facilitate Development of AI-based Technologies