1. Boston-based LearnLaunch and Tokyo-based EduLab Group Announce Global Partnership

Boston-based LearnLaunch and Tokyo-based EduLab Group Announce Global Partnership

Boston-based LearnLaunch and Tokyo-based EduLab Group Announce Global Partnership
~Strategic Collaboration Pairs Organizations Supporting Early Stage Edtech Startups and Providing a Transpacific Product Distribution Channel for Edtech Entrepreneurs~

June 15, 2016
EduLab, Inc.

LearnLaunch, a Boston-based organization dedicated to driving innovation and transforming learning, and EduLab Group, a Tokyo-based provider of solutions and platforms for next generation education and school management systems, announced a collaboration to promote transpacific innovation in the Education Technology sector. The partnership will utilize both organizations’ deep-rooted infrastructure and industry knowledge, and aims to offer new distribution channels and potential investment opportunities for both sides. EduLab Group’s strong network in Asia will introduce talented Edtech startups into the LearnLaunch family, as well as to bridge solutions and content from Asia to LearnLaunch portfolio companies, aiming to promote value added services on both sides of Pacific.


“We are thrilled to build a relationship with LearnLaunch. Our platform in Asia continues to grow, and our investment arm in the US is building a smart portfolio that will eventually utilize our distribution channels in China, Japan and India,” said Junichi Takamura, EduLab Group President and CEO. “LearnLaunch clearly shares this vision of a well-networked portfolio and their existing relationships in the Edtech sector, in-house solutions for entrepreneurs, and internationally recognized Accelerator will help us achieve our objectives. Working together, we will build a bridge from the US to Asia to better address the needs of our students.”


With worldwide Edtech spending anticipated to reach $252B by the end of this decade, it is no surprise that companies from across the globe are applying to LearnLaunch for their domain expertise and for a potential U.S. launch. LearnLaunch reports that more than a third of their applicants to it’s Accelerator program are coming from outside the country.


Liam Pisano, LearnLaunch Managing Director, added “mirroring the increasing globalization of the Edtech industry, LearnLaunch is focused on expanding its own global footprint. We are well aware of the enormous target market and opportunity for our portfolio companies in Asia. To partner with a trusted and respected name like EduLab Group, who has built a network of assets that represent a valuable dissemination tool for products to reach students around the world, is a huge win for our organization and for our entrepreneurs.”

About LearnLaunch

LearnLaunch is dedicated to connecting, supporting, and growing the education technology ecosystem to drive innovation and transform learning. We are a vibrant community, delivering educational events, a selective accelerator program, and a collaborative co-working space. We are based in Boston, a world education hub.


For more information, visit learnlaunch.com
and follow LearnLaunch on Twitter at @learnlaunch.

About EduLab Group

EduLab Group, headquartered in Tokyo, is building new businesses and investment in the field of Edtech, providing IT solutions and platforms for the education industry, and supporting next generation education and school management systems. With offices in Tokyo, Seattle, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Pune, and Bangalore – EduLab Group is a global platform.


More information can be found at https://www.edulab-inc.com/en/


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  1. Boston-based LearnLaunch and Tokyo-based EduLab Group Announce Global Partnership