1. EduLab Group Decides Early-stage Investment into CodeMonkey Studios, Ltd. (Israel)

EduLab Group Decides Early-stage Investment into CodeMonkey Studios, Ltd. (Israel)

EduLab Group Decides Early-stage Investment into CodeMonkey Studios, Ltd. (Israel)
~Support its business expansion into Asia and China with an eye to the growing market for programming education~

August 30, 2016
EduLab, Inc.

EduLab, Inc. (Minato-ku Tokyo. President and CEO: Junichi Takamura. Hereafter “EduLab Group”) has carried out a round of early-stage investment into CodeMonkey Studios Ltd. (Israel, Tel-Aviv, CEO: Jonathan Schor, hereinafter referred to as “CodeMonkey”), an Israeli startup that develops web-based materials to teach programming to more than 3 million-strong userbase worldwide.

Investment Background

For the last fifteen years, programming has been an important part of education in Israel. A high quality programming education is offered by universities, military training units and high schools. As a result, the country now has many outstanding programmers and has become a base for pioneering, global, high-tech companies to rival those in Silicon Valley in the US.

In response to this, the Obama administration, as well as entrepreneurs, managers and other business leaders in the US have proposed that programming be included in K12 and general education, and have begun investing and increasing the budget for subjects at the core of programming ability: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (the STEM subjects). In Japan, the Ministry for Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology has solidified a policy of compulsory programming education in elementary school from fiscal 2020.

Moreover, programming skill is an important element of “21st Century Skills*,” which supports acquisition of other related skills such as problem solving, creativity and team working.

The materials CodeMonkey provides for studying programming have been designed to allow beginners and primary educators to study the subject without difficulty through online games. Supplying the materials in game format (gamification) helps dispel the image of conventional programming as a purely professional technology, and is expected to provide opportunities to learn programming to people of all ages, all over the world.

* 21st Century Skills: Ten kinds of skill propsed by “Assessment and Teaching of 21st-Century Skills (ATC21S)” as necessary for human resources in the 21st Century. ( http://www.atc21s.org/ )

Future Expansion

The EduLab Group will support CodeMonkey’s business development using its Asian sales network, focusing on several locations in mainland China. The Group will expand CodeMonkey’s sales channels by becoming a distributor in central China.

About Code Monkey

CodeMonkey was established in 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel. It develops and manages the programming game “CodeMonkey,”which it delivers to over 3 million users worldwide. In recent years Israel is increasingly introducing programming into its schools, and has adopted CodeMonkey at 1700 schools under the guidance of the Israeli Ministry of Education. It is also used at educational institutions in the US, UK, Brazil and elsewhere, and is attracting attention from individual investors. The CodeMonkey company now also has a base in New York.

[Company Overview]

Company Name
CodeMonkey Studios, Ltd.
Jonathan Schor, CEO
Tel Aviv, Israel
January 2014

About EduLab Group

EduLab Group, headquartered in Tokyo, is building new businesses and investment in the field of Edtech, providing IT solutions and platforms for the education industry, and supporting next generation education and school management systems. With offices in Tokyo, Seattle, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Pune, and Bangalore – EduLab Group is a global platform.

More information can be found at https://www.edulab-inc.com/en/


  1. EduLab Group Decides Early-stage Investment into CodeMonkey Studios, Ltd. (Israel)