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Range Finding Panelist

Position summary
As a committee member, you will collaborate with two other committee members in Range Finding meetings. The objective of the meetings is to determine consensus scores for field trialed test items. The consensus scores are then used as anchor responses for training and calibrating a large pool of raters as well as for monitoring their rating consistency. Range Finding meetings for each item may consist of two phases lasting between 3-7 hours for the first phase and 1-3 hours for the second. Committee members may also be required to do 1-2 hours of preparation prior to the second phase meetings.
A degree in Applied Linguistics, TESOL, or closely related field, previous language assessment experience, availability during business hours, and knowledge of the CEFR are preferred. All meetings are held via Google Hangouts so a high speed, stable internet connection, high fidelity headphones, and a high quality microphone are requirements for this position.
Most meetings are conducted during standard business hours in the Pacific Time Zone. Depending on committee member availability, some meetings may take place in the evening (e.g. 3 p.m. -- 8 p.m.). Meetings will be held up to five days per week. Applicants should be available for about 20 hours/week, though hours and times may vary.
Independent Contractor

Test Rater

Position summary
As a rater, you will evaluate spoken and written responses according to rubrics and supporting materials. To qualify for this position, you must complete some self-guided training on the CEFR, specific test item types, and rubrics. You will then take 2 short assessments in which you will evaluate responses in accordance with the rubrics and supporting materials. If you pass the assessments, you will receive compensation for your training time and will be granted access to our online rating system.
A degree in/degree in progress in Applied Linguistics, TESOL, or closely related field, a computer, high fidelity headphones, access to Microsoft Word, and a stable, high speed internet connection are required for this position.
The volume of responses available to rate fluctuates throughout the year. During some high priority periods, we need about 50,000 responses rated within two weeks. However, there are also some periods of downtime when there might not be responses available for a couple of weeks. From May through December, 2018, we anticipate a consistently high volume of responses to be available.
Based on number of scripts rated
Independent Contractor

Materials Creator & Transcriber

Position summary
As a materials creator and transcriber, you will transcribe and evaluate responses from test item field trials. You will be provided with the test item, rating guide, rubric, and test-taker responses. After transcribing spoken responses following in-house conventions, you will make notes of the salient features of each script with respect to the rating guide and rubric. You will then select 9--12 scripts which represent a wide range of ability levels and linguistic features. Other tasks include organizing, renaming of files, documenting exemplars, and ordering scripts.
A degree in/degree in progress in Applied Linguistics, TESOL, or closely related field, a computer, high fidelity headphones, a stable, high speed internet connection, and access to Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint are required for this position.
Piece rate
Independent Contractor

Test Item Writer

Position summary
As a test-item writer, you will compose items for English language proficiency tests which conform to detailed specifications. You will be provided with extensive item development manuals to assist you in meeting the specifications. Applicants with strong writing skills, attention to detail, and knowledge of the CEFR are preferred. A writing sample may be requested upon application.
A degree in/degree in progress in Applied Linguistics, TESOL, or closely related field, a computer, a high speed internet connection, and access to Microsoft Word 2016 (or newer) are required for this position.
Compensation is at a piece rate per item depending on the item length and complexity of the specifications. Based on your ability to adhere to the item specifications, you can expect to draft and revise items multiple times based on feedback before the items are accepted for compensation. Your attention to detail and willingness to internalize the specifications will reduce the need for revisions.
Independent Contractor

Full-time Test Development Specialist

Edutech Lab, Inc. in Bellevue, Washington is now accepting applications for full-time English language test development specialists to participate in and oversee development activities for a variety of standardized English language assessments. Work takes place in our Bellevue office, and telecommuting/remote work is not a possibility for this position.
About us
After securing a place in the English language learning and assessment market in Japan, our parent company has branched out to the Americas and is aiming to build a strong reputation in this part of the world. Starting from scratch in 2016, we have already doubled the size of our operation and plan to continue expanding. We are looking for talented and ambitious language assessment professionals to join a small team where your daily activities will have an immediate impact on the company’s future and language learners around the world.
About you
  • Would love to chat about syntax and the finer points of synonym distinction over coffee
  • A creative writer who can switch to writing precise technical documentation when necessary
  • Eagle-eyed when it comes to spotting grammar and spelling errors
  • Possess a declarative knowledge of English grammatical structures
  • Passionate about improving the validity and reliability of standardized language assessments
  • Know where to look for reputable, trendy, and authentic content that can be adapted for pedagogical purposes
  • Add your voice and ideas to ongoing test development activities including:
    • writing test specifications
    • drafting and quality control of test items
    • standard setting and rating of test-taker responses
    • designing and revising of assessment rubrics
  • Mentor independently contracted item writers to create/acquire/modify authentic passages and write assessment items for those passages which conform to test specifications and CEFR levels
  • Mentor independently contracted test raters to evaluate test-taker performance according to rubric descriptors
  • Track progress, monitor performance, and provide professional feedback to independent contractors
  • Curate and develop training materials for test item writers and raters
  • Perform content review for all projects to ensure quality and standards
  • Collaborate to juggle many hats at the same time while maintaining composure
  • Communicate with overseas offices to ensure progress and alignment
Must Haves
  • PhD or Master’s Degree in TESOL, Applied Linguistics, Education (with ELL/Bilingual endorsement), or closely related field
  • Several years of second and/or foreign language teaching experience with lesson planning and assessment development experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowledge of test development and assessment principles
  • Ability to identify and correct flaws in multiple choice and constructed response items
  • Ability to identify problems and conceptualize solutions, prioritize tasks, and meet deadlines
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office and G Suite
Nice to Haves
  • Extensive English as a second and/or foreign language teaching experience with lesson planning and assessment development experience
  • Prior ESL/EFL item writing and/or content development experience outside of the classroom
  • Knowledge of and/or experience teaching workplace language, business practices, and/or workplace situations
  • Experience teaching Japanese students
  • Familiarity with CEFR
  • Ability to structure corpus queries to maximize relevant results
  • Experience with scripting/programming languages
  • Experience with automation and relational databases
How to Apply
Please send CV/resume and cover letter via email attachment to gina.caruso@us.edutech-lab.com
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